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Villa tranquila is an exclusive house located north of the Fuerteventura Island in the domain of a nature reserve near La Oliva and Villaverde. This spectacular house is made of 250m2 and due to its unparalleled location, allows a high level of privacy whilst enjoying an incredible landscape during the day and even better starry sky during the night. 

In addition, from the house its viewed Lobos and 4 vientos islands. 

The house is made of a volcanic rock in harmony with the island landscape, the interior is well decorated and with a high-end design. 

It is a luxury accommodation in an excellent environment

Rental for activities and events

• Business Outdoors
• Coaching
• Stages surf, kitesurf, windsurf,...
•  Yoga and meditation retreats
• Astronomy fieldtrips


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Premium Accommodation in Fuerteventura; Sustainability and renewable energy generated by solar panels. Private outdoors swimming pool. Exterior area with a kitchen and barbecue grill. Free parking for many vehicles.

4 King size bedrooms, with state of the art infrastructure, TV, WI-FI, fully equipped kitchen, laundry and an impressive Livingroom with spectacular views and access to the garden.

Villa tranquila allows you to enjoy your stay in Fuerteventura due to its spacious suites with the best island views and straight access to the garden.

The garden is composed by native flora and the lawn is ideal to exercise, yoga, pilates or any other activity you might enjoy.

Villa tranquila, believes in sustainability and the capacity of being self-sufficient, that is why uses solar panels to generate the house energy.



4 King size bedrooms, free parking, WI-FI, Interior fully equipped kitchen, Exterior Kitchen, and laundry area. 


Solar Energy

Contemporary solar panel infrastructure, best accommodation with the highest respect for the indigenous Nature.

Swimming pool and garden

Private outdoors swimming pool and spacious garden with great views and accessible entrance from each room.

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The oldest and biggest of the canary island possesses natural protected landscapes and habitats of unimaginable beauty, volcanic areas covered by lava, natural monuments, the longest beaches in the canary island and a great number of sightseeing and leisure activities to complement your stay in Villa tranquila.

Would you like to enjoy the peace and quiete of Fuerteventura? Sail in catamaran, visit Lobos island or do some trekking into beautiful landscapes like the Natural Ajuy monument or the best beach in Viejo rey, cofete and Esquinzo Butihondo.

However, if you would like to enjoy some strong emotions or activities, Fuerteventura provides a great quantity of possibilities such as driving a buggy through the dunes, or the island. Or many other water like activities as kayak, diving, snorkel, windsurf, kitesurf all in this amazing enviornment

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Exclusive accommodation in Fuerteventura

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